In 1992, while still in college, Chef G started a food truck business with his brother in Istanbul’s most popular venue, Bebek. He quickly built up his clientele by adding new and creative dishes to the menu while paying homage to the traditional Turkish street food flavors.
His food truck business became especially popular among famous Turkish singers, movie stars, and socialites. He decided to start a catering company when he was in high demand for Istanbul’s world famous night parties and movie shootings. His catering company became highly successful which led him to provide daily catering for 3,500 people for Turkey’s most renowned business companies and Turkey’s most accomplished soccer team Galatasaray. In 2002, he was awarded with Timeout Magazine Food & Drink award. He also received HACCP certification, which is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. This wild ride lasted 19 years! When the intensity of work started to take its toll, Chef G decided to open a small restaurant with his wife in the USA where he used to frequently visit as a tourist. He let his brother take over the business in Turkey. For his restaurant, he picked Kent, a lovely little city where his brother-in-law and many friends reside.